Who am I and why should you read my blog?

My name is Lucy.

I'm a chef.

I'm a whole bunch of other things too, but it's the chef thing that has brought me here to this blog. I'm looking for a platform to chat about all things vegetable, travel, and more and I hope you'll find all these things interesting. I've been working in Canberra kitchens for several years now, mostly on the crack-of-dawn, smashed-avocado, goddamn-hipsters-with-their-brunches-don't-they-have-jobs kind of shifts. During this time I've developed valuable relationships with local producers, organic farmers, and home gardeners.

Every year or so I like to uproot myself and travel overseas for weeks or months at a time. The world is a big place, and I want to see (and taste!) everything. My travels have proved to be an amazing source of inspiration in my cooking, and it's a privilege to have had many experiences that have changed the way I cook and eat. 

My hope is that through these pieces of writing I can share my experiences with you, and maybe convince everyone to eat more vegetables.


This is me in my happy place, aka: The Farmer's Market